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bị bạn gái đá vào háng vì... ko đưa cô ta đến clb vũ nữ khỏa thân... ;)


All Elizabeth Ann Sherlock-Mason wanted to do was have a good evening. It’s all most people can ask for.

It was a chilly Florida evening on January 17th, and Sherlock-Mason was planning to do something fun. She wanted her significant other to take her to a local Gentleman’s Club.

However, before hitting up the “entertainment” and libations, Elizabeth first wanted the evening to kick off at one of her favorite establishments, The Nauti Parrot.

The local waterfront bar and grill was a logical place to begin the festivities, and according to the Arrest Report, Sherlock-Mason was adamant (cứng rắn, sắt đá) about getting the party started.

Her accomplice told deputies that as soon as they arrived, Sherlock-Mason began ordering drinks and soon became verbally abusive. Finally, when it became apparent that she was intoxicated, he attempted to persuade Sherlock-Mason to leave the bar.

When he said, “we should leave.” Sherlock-Mason jumped into action to save her celebrations and preserve her evening entertainment at Looker’s.

Still seated at the hightop, Elizabeth grabbed the man by the neck and began applying pressure. In flight or fight mode, her now opponent grabbed her wrists with both hands, leaving him unsuspectingly vulnerable.

With no obstructions, Sherlock-Mason wound her leg up and unloaded a punt right below her partner’s belt.

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