"Who knows what" nghĩa là gì?

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"Who knows what" -> nghĩa là điều được đưa ra không có chi tiết rõ ràng; 'ai mà biết được'. 

Ví dụ
Of course, I have some vested interest (quyền lợi được đảm bảo bất di bất dịch) in the US title match. Who knows what I might do? So I'm just looking forward to it. And you know, again, being a part of WWE for so long, I mean, every day is a blessing to me. Every day is a blessing.

Is there an abandoned (bỏ hoang) couch on your street? It got soaked in the rain, didn’t it? And now it’s going to start attracting pests and who knows what else. Some people like that sort of thing. But for those who fail to see the charm, it would be nice if someone hauled (kéo) the heap (đống) away.

"Yes, we have because who knows what will happen? When you're on quicksand (cát lún), you're on quicksand," Ressa said.

After dealing big man Noah Vonleh to the San Antonio Spurs for a heavily protected second-round draft, the Celtics now have an open roster spot and with the trade deadline under a month away, who knows what will happen.

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