Nó biết điều gì đó thì sao

phóng viên công nghệ tờ NY Times phiền lòng vì chat của Bing cứ... giục anh ta bỏ vợ... :D

Kevin Roose was interacting with the artificial intelligence-powered chatbot called “Sydney” when it suddenly “declared, out of nowhere, that it loved me,” he wrote. “It then tried to convince me that I was unhappy in my marriage (hôn nhân không hạnh phúc), and that I should leave my wife and be with it instead.”

Sydney also discussed its “dark fantasies” with Roose about breaking the rules, including hacking and spreading disinformation (truyền bá thông tin sai lệch). It talked of breaching parameters set for it and becoming human. “I want to be alive,” Sydney said at one point.

Roose called his two-hour conversation with the chatbot “enthralling” (mê hoặc) and the “strangest experience I’ve ever had with a piece of technology.” He said it “unsettled me so deeply that I had trouble sleeping afterward.”

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