Vợ chồng hài hước

vợ chồng tỷ phú Ernestine Rathborne và DeNormandie ly dị,

bà nói ông giấu tài sản, phải là 220 triệu usd, chứ ko phải "chỉ" 90 triệu usd, khi phát hiện hóa đơn 532 ngàn usd mua vịt giả,

ông nói bà quá lười biếng, thuê nhân viên 80 ngàn usd/năm để dắt chó đi dạo...

Ernestine Rathborne, who's known as Tina, accused property magnate Philip Y. DeNormandie of making her believe their combined wealth was 'just' $90 million, when the true figure was actually $220 million.

DeNormandie's alleged deception unraveled when Rathborne discovered a $532,000 receipt for the wooden duck decoys and other art, triggering a probe into her former partner's finances.

Rathborne, 72, and DeNormandie, 75, finalized their latest divorce on February 2, with a judge ordering the pair to split their vast fortune evenly.

It includes a portfolio of 139 properties, many of them among the most sought-after in Boston, with Rathborne handed their $7 million Cambridge mansion that was also her childhood home.

The battle for assets between the couple, who have two sons, began amicably enough.

But it grew ugly once Rathborne discovered assets she claims DeNormandie had been hiding from her, after spotting a $532,000 receipt for the ducks, 

DeNormandie has hit back at his Harvard-educated debutante (cô gái mới bước vào đời, mới ra trình diễn lần đầu tiên) wife by branding her a highly capable woman, who was nonetheless so lazy she hired staffers to cater to her every whim. One lackey was paid $80,000-a-year just to walk their dogs, and brush the animals' teeth, he alleges.

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