Người thì được, chó thì không

bang Florida dự định cấm chó thò đầu ra khỏi cửa sổ xe ô tô...
A new bill has been proposed in Florida that would enact a series of animal protections and guidelines, such as banning cat declawing, animal testing for cosmetics and dogs hanging their heads out of windows.

Florida Senate Bill 932, filed by state Minority Democratic Leader Lauren Book, says that dogs would not be allowed to stick any part of their bodies out of the window, ride in the driver's lap  (lòng) or ride on motorcycles.

Dogs traveling in motor vehicles would not be able to ride on roofs, fenders or hoods. They would need to be secured in a size-appropriate crate, be in a harness or pet seat belt, or be under the supervision of someone other than the driver,

Dogs would be able to ride in the beds of pickup trucks, but only in a crate that is secured to the truck and is big enough for the dog to sit, stand and turn around.

Violators would be subjected to noncriminal traffic infractions,

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