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bà mẹ trẻ 29 tuổi người Mỹ chia sẻ trên mạng: bà ngoại ko nhận chăm cháu nếu trả dưới 20 usd/giờ...

But not everyone’s willing to do it for free. A 29-year-old mother recently asked Reddit if it was unreasonable for her retired mother, who she makes a point of saying “is at home all day long,” to ask for $20 in hourly wages to care for her kids.

In addition to her hourly rate, the grandmother added she’d charge her daughter late fees if she was tardy to pick up the baby, along with requesting they provide her with a carseat, stroller, bottles and doubles of everything need to care for the child because as the poster explained, “she will not step foot in my house.”

While the reasons her mother won’t simply babysit from her own nearby home where they already have all the supplies went unexplained, she did offer her main reason for turning to her mum.

“I want to save money to bring down our debt,” she wrote.

...In most states, it costs over $13,000 to raise a child in their first year of life. That includes food, clothes, health care and child care. And this number has only risen post-pandemic. With many child care centers being forced to close their doors, demand has skyrocketed — and so have their fees.

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