Tưởng đã quen

một anh chồng ngồi ngâm bồn nước nóng với vợ (sư tử hà đông) thì bị... sư tử núi tấn công...

The incident (vụ việc) occurred at approximately 10 p.m. on Saturday night when the couple alerted Colorado Parks and Wildlife that the man had just been attacked by a mountain lion while the pair were soaking in a hot tub (bồn nước nóng) at a rental home (nhà thuê) in a heavily wooded area about five miles west of Nathrop, Colorado, along Chalk Creek in Chaffee County.

“The victim (nạn nhân) had four superficial scratches (vết xước) on top of his head and near his right ear,” Colorado Parks and Wildlife said in a statement following the incident. “By the time CPW was alerted and responded, the victim had cleaned the wounds and declined any medical assistance. The officers determined the injuries were consistent with the claw of a mountain lion.”

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