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các em gái china ko còn hứng thú với các mối quan hệ nam nữ đời thật, lẩn tránh trong các game online với nhân vật nam, và giờ còn thuê 'người đóng thế' các nhân vật này, hẹn hò lãng mạn trong 1-2 buổi chiều...
Rynee Ren’s first date with Zuo Ran was everything she’d dreamed of. They rode the carousel at the park. They visited a perfume shop, where they created their own unique scent together. Before parting, they even shared a passionate kiss (nụ hôn nồng cháy).

The only issue was: Zuo Ran wasn’t real. The person who Ren kissed was actually a female cosplayer, who the 20-year-old had hired to play Zuo Ran — a character from her favorite video game — for the afternoon.

Welcome to the brave new world of “cos commission” — a wildly popular new service that is helping women across China bring their virtual boyfriends to life.

In recent years, a growing number of Chinese women have been shunning real-life relationships, and instead finding romance in a series of viral video games. Members of this subculture, known as “dream girls,” often develop powerful infatuations (cuồng dại, mê đắm) with the male characters in the games, spending thousands of dollars to unlock new levels.

Now, many are trying to move these digital relationships into the physical world. Dream girls like Ren are hiring professional cosplayers to impersonate the characters, and then organizing elaborate dates with their loved ones.

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