Bao nhiêu nến cho đủ

em gái ở bang Bihar, ấn độ liên tục cắt điện toàn bộ làng/bản để có thể... gặp trai làng bên (làng đối địch) mà ko ai biết...

A young girl from the Indian state of Bihar kept cutting the power in her entire village so she could meet a boy from a rival village without anyone seeing them together.

The people of Bettiah, a village in Bihar’s West Champaran district, had been on edge for over a week due to the unusual (khác thường) power outages (tình trạng mất điện) that seemed to occur almost every night. The total darkness (tối hoàn toàn) created perfect opportunities for thieves (kẻ trộm), so people appealed to the electricity company to fix their network, but its representatives (đại diện) reported no infrastructure issues (các vấn đề về cơ sở hạ tầng). No one could understand what was going on until one night, when some of the locals stood watch in the village and caught a young couple meeting under cover of darkness. It turned out that the local girl, Priti Kumari, had fallen in love with (yêu) Rajkumar, a young man from a rival village, and she kept cutting the power in the while village to keep the relationship (mối quan hệ) a secret (bí mật).

...A viral video that has been doing the rounds on Indian social media shows a defiant (thách thức) Preeti trying to defend her lover as young men from her village corner and threaten to beat him. Some of them do manage to land a few stick blows on Rajkumar, but he managed to get away and then took his revenge (trả thù) on the assailants (những kẻ tấn công) with the help of friends from his own village.

source: odditycentral,

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