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cặp đôi ở Boston còn một tuần nữa thì bay đi Ý để làm đám cưới, thì chú cún ở nhà cắn nát hộ chiếu...


A Boston man whose dog ate his passport (hộ chiếu) just over a week before his planned wedding in Italy said he was given an emergency appointment (cuộc hẹn) at the Boston Passport Agency.

Donato Frattaroli and his fiancee (hôn thê), Magda Mazri, went to Boston City Hall on Thursday to fill out their intention (chủ đích) of marriage forms ahead of their planned Aug. 31 wedding in Italy.

They arrived home hours later to discover their dog, Chickie, aka Chicken Cutlet, had chewed up Frattaroli's passport, with just over a week remaining until their flight on Friday.

"Our extremely cute (dễ thương) 1.5-year-old golden retriever (chó săn) decided that maybe she doesn't want us to go away to get married, so she hopped up on the counter and decided my passport was a nice new toy to play with,"

Frattaroli and Mazri contacted the offices of Rep. Stephen Lynch and Sen. Ed Markey for help. They said both replied quickly, saying they were happy to help expedite (giục) the process.

source: upi,

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