Franzen, Grisham và các tác giả nổi tiếng khác kiện OpenAI

vì dùng tác phẩm của họ để huấn luyện ChatGPT,

mới hỏi thử vài câu về tác phẩm, chưa từng xuất hiện ở bài bình sách nào hay wikipedia, mà chatgpt đã trả lời rất chi tiết rồi, choáng..

amazon cũng giới hạn các tác giả tự upload không quá 3 cuốn/ngày (và phải nói rõ là có dùng A.I. để viết không),
A group of prominent (nổi tiếng) novelists, including John Grisham, Jonathan Franzen and Elin Hilderbrand, are joining the legal battle (cuộc chiến pháp lý) against OpenAI over its chatbot technology, as fears about the encroachment (xâm lấn) of artificial intelligence on creative industries continue to grow.

More than a dozen authors filed a lawsuit against OpenAI on Tuesday, accusing the company, which has been backed with billions of dollars in investment from Microsoft, of infringing (xâm lấn) on their copyrights (bản quyền) by using their books to train its popular ChatGPT chatbot. The complaint, which was filed along with the Authors Guild, said that OpenAI’s chatbots can now produce “derivative works” (tác phẩm phái sinh) that can mimic (bắt chước) and summarize the authors’ books, potentially harming the market for authors’ work, and that the writers were neither compensated (bồi thường) nor notified by the company.

“The success and profitability of OpenAI are predicated (xác định) on mass copyright infringement without a word of permission from or a nickel of compensation to copyright owners,” the complaint said.

...Douglas Preston, a novelist who joined the lawsuit, said he was shocked when he asked ChatGPT to describe minor characters in his books and it spat back detailed information that wasn’t available in reviews or Wikipedia entries for the novels.

Amazon has taken steps to monitor and curb the influx of A.I.-generated books. This month, it posted new guidelines for self-published authors, requiring them to disclose (tiết lộ) whether they had used A.I. to create texts. It also limited the number of titles users can upload to its self-publishing platform each day, to three.

source: nytimes,

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