Chú rể không đọc kỹ hướng dẫn trước khi sử dụng rồi

cưới nhau 4 năm vẫn không có con, hóa ra quan hệ sai cách, cô vợ vẫn còn trinh...

A married couple desperate for (tuyệt vọng để) a baby have been told they've been having sex the wrong way for four years - which is why they failed to concieve (thụ thai).

The pair who have not been named, but are aged 26 and 24, sought out professional advice (lời khuyên từ chuyên gia) after having no joy getting pregnant (mang thai), despite having intercourse (giao hợp) regularly. But alarm bells rang when medics discovered the wife was a virgin (trinh nữ). She then admitted sex was "usually painful" for her every time.

Obstetrician (bác sĩ sản khoa) Liu Hongmei said: "The couple were very young, the man 26 and the woman 24. They were very healthy, but, despite being married for four years, couldn't conceive. Their family was giving them a lot of stress because of it," she added. While asking about the wife's medical history during the visit, Liu was told that the couple had sex regularly.

The wife also revealed that the experience was "unusually painful" for her every time, but she suffered through it in the hope of becoming pregnant. The woman's symptoms led Doctor Liu to believe that she may have had some sort of gynaecological disease (bệnh phụ khoa). But Liu said she was "shocked" when an examination revealed the wife to be a virgin.

Liu's "experience" led her to inspect the woman's anus (hậu môn). It was then that the medic is said to have learned the couple had been mistakenly having anal sex for four years, resulting in their failure to conceive. 

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