Không yêu thì thôi, làm gì căng

em gái ở Florida "tạt" thuốc diệt gián vào cốc rượu của chàng trai mới gặp ở quầy bar...
A Florida woman allegedly (được cho là đã) spiked (tạt rượu) a man's drinks with Raid roach spray (thuốc diệt gián) after the pair (cặp đôi) met at a local bar.

Veronica Cline, 29, is charged with poisoning (đầu độc) food or drink,

Deputies were called to a home in Deleon Springs around 4:30 a.m. where they met the man, who had become ill (ốm). He said he came home with Cline after she asked him to continue drinking with her.

He said he had two drinks and began feeling sick. Cline allegedly admitted (thừa nhận) to him to spiking the two drinks with the roach spray.

"The victim (nạn nhân) told deputies he was vomiting (nôn mửa) for about 30 minutes before he was able to call for help," the sheriff's office said. "He became sick (ốm) again while providing his statement to a deputy."

Cline wasn't at the home when deputies arrived. A law enforcement K-9 tracked her down and she was taken into custody (bắt giữ).

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