Bảo tàng xe tăng đạt hơn 100 triệu lượt xem trên YouTube

mỗi năm, chỉ có vài trăm nghìn người đến tham quan Bảo tàng Xe tăng ở vùng nông thôn nước Anh; nhưng trên YouTube, Bảo tàng này còn nổi tiếng hơn cả Met và MoMA.


The Tank (xe tăng) Museum in Bovington, England, doesn’t usually rank among the world’s great museums. Located next to a military (quân đội) base in serene (yên bình) countryside, the collection of around 300 armored vehicles attracts only a few hundred thousand visitors a year, mainly families on rained-out beach vacations.

Yet there is one place where it not only ranks among the world’s largest museums, but surpasses (vượt qua) them: YouTube.

The Tank Museum’s channel has over 550,000 subscribers — surpassing the Museum of Modern Art (519,000), the Metropolitan Museum of Art (380,000) or the Louvre (106,000).

In April, it announced it was the first museum to get over 100 million views on YouTube, with weekly clips including intensely detailed discussions on tank history, chatty videos of the curators’ favorite war machines and newsier (nhiều tin tức) items on how armored (bọc sắt) vehicles are being used in Ukraine.

source: nytimes,

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