Magazine nghĩa là gì?

photo credit: the red sea diving resort (netflix movie)

Magazine nghĩa là băng đạn, ổ đạn.

Ví dụ
Why do bullets (đạn) in a magazine go up instead of down?

For most modern weaponry (vũ khí) that I've seen or used, it appears that the magazine is always placed below the barrel (nòng súng) of it.

Some guns like the Sten, used in WWII, have a magazine that go in via a slot in one side of the gun. Most sidearms have their magazines located in the grip (báng súng) of the gun.

I always assumed that when they designed (thiết kế) the guns, they tried to measure optimal places (chỗ tối ưu) to insert bullets. Putting it inside from the side like the Sten meant it would be prone to jams. And maybe they abandoned gravity-fed mags in favor of spring loaded magazines.

Phạm Hạnh

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