"The law of the land" nghĩa là gì?

A scene from 'The Real Wild West,' a Curiosity Stream docuseries. CURIOSITY STREAM, photo credit: rollingstone.

'The law of the land' = luật của vùng đất -> nghĩa là bộ quy tắc, quy định, luật lệ tại một địa phương, vùng, quốc gia nhất định.

Ví dụ
You have to pay taxes (nộp thuế). That's the law of the land.

Why Rate Parity Still Has To Be "The Law Of The Land" In Hospitality (lòng mến khách, lòng hiếu khách)?

To be sure, these are unrealized paper losses (lỗ chưa thực hiện). But being ¥10.5 trillion in the red (lỗ) in just 182 days is nothing to dismiss (bỏ qua). In fact, it could very well add to the reasons why QE will remain the law of the land here in Japan longer than expected (lâu hơn dự kiến).

In a 2006 episode of the television show “Boston Legal,” conservative lawyer Denny Crane asserted that he had a constitutional right to carry a concealed (giấu giếm, che đậy) firearm (vũ khí): “And the Supreme Court is going to say so, just as soon as they overturn Roe v. Wade.” That was a joke, an unimaginable event, when the show aired 17 years ago. Then in 2022, the court announced both changes, shifting the butt (đích làm trò cười) of a joke to the law of the land in a brief span of years – and signaling the start of what is sometimes called a “constitutional revolution.”

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