Phép màu ở Florida

tù nhân tuyên bố có thai qua lỗ thông hơi của điều hòa...
There has been a miracle (phép màu) in South Florida! Can you say immaculate conception (thụ thai trinh trắng)? Okay, I’m thinking more like ridiculous conception.  A mother, Josie Ramos, got the shock of her life after discovering her daughter’s jailhouse (nhà tù) pregnancy. Yes. Daisy Link, was expecting. All while locked up in a Miami-Dade jail. At 28, Daisy has got a second degree (cấp độ hai) murder charge (tội giết người) and battery (bạo hành( charge to spice up her  her rap sheet. I kinda feel like that makes her a little more scary… than the Virgin Mary. But on Christmas Day Josie learned about her daughter’s strange pregnancy.

So how does someone get pregnant behind bars anyway? Well, brace yourselves. According to WTVJ, Daisy says a fellow inmate (bạn tù), somehow got her pregnant through an A/C vent. For whatever reason Daisy says an inmate passed (đưa) a fertile rubber glove back an forth a few times. And just like magic, Abracadabra! Hello baby.

Magic Pregnancy:
The other inmate, or as I like to call them the “vent wizard,” has been relocated, and an investigation (điều tra) is in full swing. The department insists there’s no proof of a steamy glove rendezvous (gặp gỡ) but assures everyone they’ve got safety on their radar.

Now, three months into the unanticipated (bất ngờ) pregnancy, Josie’s worried about Daisy’s well-being and medical care in the mental health area of the slammer. I don’t blame her. Her daughter got pregnant through a wall. No wonder they call it the nut house. Murder charge or not, Josie wants her daughter out for proper prenatal care.

source: espn, 

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