Ngày mai người ta đi lấy chồng

bạn gái cũ của chú rể tức tối ném ...ứt vào người cô dâu trong ngày cưới...
Something old, something new, something borrowed — something poo?

A wedding in Bolivia quickly went down (đi xuống) the toilet after the groom’s ex reportedly showed up to the wedding and threw excrement (phân) on the newly betrothed (mới đính hôn) after they said, “I doo-doo,”

Photos of the public smearing (bôi nhọ) show the bride’s hair, face and white dress completely covered in poop. The groom’s military outfit was similarly soiled (bẩn tương tự).

A woman — who has not been publicly identified but who is rumored to be the groom’s ex — allegedly (được cho là) brought a bucket filled with poop and oil to the wedding to throw on the couple while a crowd surrounded them to congratulate them on their nuptials (lễ cưới).

The woman reportedly was unhappy about being the groom’s number two and was jealous he was marrying someone else,

After the incident, the bride posted on social media that she hoped her husband’s ex “will let us live in peace after getting her revenge,”

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