Ông bố nào có con gái phải học tự vệ sớm thôi

đám cưới phải rời địa điểm vào phút chót, vì chủ quán dí súng vào cổ bố cô dâu... :D
A wedding planned for an inn (nhà trọ) in Woodstock last week had to be relocated (rời địa điểm) at the last minute when the innkeeper (chủ quán) was arrested after he reportedly put a loaded handgun (súng ngắn đã nạp đạn) to the neck of the bride’s father,

Jeffrey J. McClain, 55, an innkeeper at the Jackson House Inn, was initially jailed for lack of $5,000 bail (thiếu 5.000 USD tiền bảo lãnh) at the Southern State Correctional Facility (Cơ sở Cải huấn Bang miền Nam) in Springfield following (sau) the incident on Oct. 11, Woodstock Police said.

He pleaded not guilty (không nhận tội) the next day in Vermont Superior Court (Tòa án Thượng thẩm) to a felony charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon (tội danh tấn công nghiêm trọng bằng vũ khí chết người) and a misdemeanor count of reckless endangerment (tội nhẹ gây nguy hiểm do liều lĩnh).

The defendant’s (bị cáo) wife, Robin McClain, 66, is due (hầu tòa) in Vermont Superior Court in White River Junction on Nov. 21 to face (đối mặt) a misdemeanor count of simple assault (tội nhẹ là hành hung đơn giản),

... Teachout said the wedding party had reportedly damaged the property (tài sản) owned by the inn and also their neighbors. There was a level of intoxication (say rượu) after the guests had returned to the inn from the rehearsal dinner (bữa tối tổng duyệt), They drove into the inn and caused damage,

When the guests became more uncooperative (bất hợp tác) and refused to move their vehicles to proper (thích hợp) parking spaces, the McClains, as property managers (người quản lý tài sản), told them they were no longer welcome and that the inn would not host the scheduled wedding,

Things went downhill from there (mọi chuyện trở nên tồi tệ từ đó) and Mr. McClain had to defend (bảo vệ) the inn and his wife, who was physically assaulted (bị tấn công thể xác),

A fight broke out (cuộc chiến đã nổ) between the McClains and the Revene family that was staying at the inn for the mid-week wedding. The Revenes were part of a wedding party that had rented 7 of the 14 rooms at the inn a few miles west of Woodstock Village,

James Revene, 65, of Ashland, Mass. said he had the gun pressed into his neck by Jeff McClain, the inn operator (người điều hành), a claim confirmed by the victim’s son, William Revene, 29, of Berlin, Mass., according to a court affidavit filed (bản khai đã nộp tại tòa) by Swanson.

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