Phụ nữ đông hơn nam giới tại các sân vận động thể thao ở Hàn Quốc

các chuyên gia cho rằng điều này liên quan đến sự an toàn của sân vận động và ảnh hưởng của văn hóa người hâm mộ k-pop.

Each time the South Korean men’s soccer team scored against Singapore during a recent 5-0 rout in a World Cup qualifier (vòng loại), the roar (tiếng gầm rú, gào thét) from the home crowd came largely from women, who held nearly two-thirds of the tickets to the match.

In the Seoul stadium that November day, a billboard-size banner for the star striker (tiền đạo) Son Heung-min had been made by a women-only group. A banner for one of his teammates — “Cho Gue-sung wins the day” — had been signed by a club called “Women Rooting (ủng hộ) for Cho Gue-sung’s Pursuit (theo đuổi) of Happiness.”

The scene illustrated a fact that has puzzled experts in one of the world’s most patriarchal (gia trưởng) societies: In sports, South Korean women generally outnumber men in the stands.

Women here make up 55 percent of fans at professional sporting events, including baseball, basketball, soccer and volleyball, according to a 2022 estimate by the Korea Professional Sports Association. Similar estimates for major sports in the United States put the figure at less than half for women. In Britain and Australia, that number drops to a quarter or less.

source: nytimes,

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