Đây là cách câu lạc bộ Brazil nhỏ đánh lừa Triều Tiên

câu lạc bộ Brazil nhỏ bé đánh lừa Triều Tiên – ‘Họ sẽ tức giận nếu chúng tôi thắng’

As the bus crept through the crowd, the Brazilian footballers on board stared out of the windows. Locals — tens of thousands of them, on some accounts — flooded the streets. Most greeted the bus with diffident waves. A few ran alongside, hoping (hy vọng) to catch a glimpse (nhìn thoáng qua) of someone they would not have recognised anyway.

The match that began moments thereafter took place in 2009, but you would never know it from the photographs. There is an austere (khắc khổ), monochrome quality to the images, and not just because they were captured on a basic digital camera. There are no advertising hoardings and none of the other hypercapitalist trappings (đồ trang trí siêu tư bản) that adorn the modern game. As a result, it looks a lot like pre-war football.

The team billed as ‘Brazil’ were, in fact, a tiny club side from a satellite town 80 kilometres north west of Sao Paulo. Theirs was a squad of journeymen and part-timers, none of whom could believe their eyes when they walked out of the tunnel and looked up at the scoreboard (bảng điểm).

One of the sights on his itinerary (hành trình) was the Arch of Triumph, a huge structure aping the Parisian landmark of the same name. Stood on top of the monument, one of the officials accompanying Alves pointed to the Kim Il-Sung Stadium, just a stone’s throw away (chỉ cách một con dao quăng).

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