Cả làng độc thân trông chờ vào bà mối ở Trung Quốc

sự mất cân bằng giới tính ngày càng gia tăng và chi phí hôn nhân tăng cao khiến nhiều đàn ông nông thôn Trung Quốc không thể kết hôn...


With more and more single Chinese men in rural (nông thôn) areas, several villages in the southern Guangdong province have recently introduced rewards (phần thưởng) for matchmakers (bà mối) who help them find a partner.

Local matchmakers, or hongniang, can receive up to 1,000 yuan ($139) from the village committee if they help a single man 30 years old or above get married, Lingtou Village in Wuchuan City announced on Saturday.

According to Li, the village has around 2,000 permanent residents, including many single men over 30 years old. “In the past, there were dozens of weddings in the village every year, but the number has decreased in recent years,” said Li. “Last year, there were only about 10.”

...Marriage rates (tỉ lệ kết hôn) have fallen to historic lows in China in recent years. While longer work hours and time spent in education have been major factors (yếu tố chính)  in cities, in rural areas, a widening gender imbalance (mất cân bằng giới tính) and the migration of women to urban areas have made it difficult for men to find partners.

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