Valentino bước vào kỷ nguyên Alessandro Michele

Alessandro Michele, nhà thiết kế mang lại lợi nhuận và tiếng vang cho Gucci, vừa bổ nhiệm làm giám đốc sáng tạo của Valentino

Mr. Michele, who was known for having transformed Gucci into a $10 billion powerhouse by making it a baroque treasure chest of inclusivity (toàn diện) and magpie references (tham khảo chim ác là), replaces Pierpaolo Piccioli, who parted ways with Valentino last week.

The appointment, which was first reported by Vogue Business, brings Mr. Michele, 51, back to the heart of the fashion world. A mediagenic figure with the beard of an Old Testament prophet, rings on most of his fingers and a tendency to quote obscure philosophers (xu hướng trích dẫn triết gia ít người biết đến), he had been at Gucci for most of his career. His work was favored by celebrities such as Jared Leto, Harry Styles and Dakota Johnson.

Speculation about the designer’s appointment had been spreading since news broke of Mr. Piccioli’s departure from Valentino. But there were those who doubted Mr. Michele and Kering would once again agree on an aesthetic vision because of his somewhat abrupt exit from Gucci after slowing sales reportedly prompted his employers to ask for a change in direction.

After the announcement of Mr. Michele’s appointment, François-Henri Pinault, the chief executive of Kering, said in an emailed statement, “I am certain that with his creativity, culture and versatile talent, he will be able to interpret masterfully (diễn giải thành thạo) the unique heritage of this magnificent house and make it flourish.”

At Valentino, Mr. Michele will work closely with Jacopo Venturini, the brand’s chief executive (giám đốc sáng tạo), with whom he also worked at Gucci when Mr. Venturini was vice president of merchandising and global markets. And he will continue living in Rome, where Valentino was founded in 1960.

source: nytimes,

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