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Friday, January 16, 2015

"Raise hell" nghĩa là gì?

Quậy tới bến thôi... Photo courtesy Baker County Tourism.

'Raise hell' nghĩa là nổi cơn tam bành, nổi trận lôi đình (to create an uproar; object violently to), hay quậy phá tưng bừng (to indulge in wild celebration).

Ví dụ
She'll raise hell when she sees what your rabbit (con thỏ) has done to her garden.

That, and the fact he was looking at a long jail term as an accessory to murder, for which he had — extraordinarily — been granted bail (tiền bảo lãnh), meant he had just enough freedom left to raise hell.

Dazzling as Gelbart’s book is, you also feel that David Zippel’s lyrics are struggling to compete, leading to none-too-graceful rhymes such as “If you’re not celibate (độc thân/không có quan hệ tình dục), we could raise hell a bit.”

The newspaper, she said, will “not tell you what to think.” All that is very New Age and civilized, but -- pardon the observation (sự quan sát) -- it smacks (thoang thoảng, thoáng có mùi) of shirking (né tránh, lẩn). It is, after all, as the Chicago Times’ Wilbur F. Storey put it in 1861, "A newspaper's duty to print the news and raise hell," especially the “raise hell” part.

Do we really expect, after decades of sporadic (rời rạc, không thường xuyên) activism, that students will not protest (biểu tình) when learning is under threat (gặp nguy hiểm)? Funding matters, cuts matter, universities matter. They should raise hell! Tell us we’re fools! Slap our often-complacent faces with data about funding. Tell us to listen to their vice-chancellors. Truths aren’t parcelled (đóng gói) in pretty aphorisms (cách ngôn), they are often told in galling (khiến bực bội, gây khó chịu), irritating (phát cáu, chọc tực) or even inane (ngớ ngẩn, vô nghĩa) ways.

Phạm Hạnh

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