"Soccer mom" nghĩa là gì?

These kids would get together for a pickup soccer game on the beach every night around this time. They were WAY too good for me to join in - some of them would give Pele a run for his money. You get mad skillz when you learn to play soccer barefoot in the sand. Photo courtesy the opoponax.

'Soccer mom' có từ soccer (nghĩa Mỹ) là môn bóng đá; cụm từ này nghĩa là bà mẹ quan tâm đến những hoạt động giải trí của con, chẳng hạn như đưa con tham gia các hoạt động thể thao (a middle-class suburban mother who spends a great deal of time taking her children to play soccer or engage in other activities). Thật ra, từ này cũng phát triển dần, giờ đây có nghĩa là phụ nữ đã làm mẹ và giờ chơi đá bóng.

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The police are trained that the safest thing for the police to do is to terminate the suspect even if it is a soccer mom who forgot to signal a turn while driving her kids to a practice.

When you think of a soccer mom, images of minivans and orange slices come to mind. But there is a new kind of soccer mom in town, specifically in Jupiter. By day they're police officers, teachers, stay at home moms, business women, maybe even a news anchor. Let's just say a little bit of everything. And by night, they're not afraid of a little competition.

It is extremely tempting and flattering after your divorce, when the hot guy at the office offers you his shoulder to cry on, or the divorced soccer mom thinks you need to get out and have fun, as a now single divorced dad. Which is some ways is great, and yes surround your self with people, who are kind and compliment you, and make you in some way feel better, however do not allow yourself, to become a kind of victim, of others, motives and agendas. You may feel you are all instantly and completely healed after a divorce, but you are not, it took ten, fifteen, twenty years of marriage to bring you where you are today, it is not possible to really just immediately be 100% emotionally healed, and adjusted to that kind of monumental life change, in a month. This is a faulty belief system we all at times are guilty of. The fact is no one directly after a divorce, should date anyone seriously, you shouldn’t fall in love, most likely this will be lust, you shouldn’t make long committed plans with other people, the chances are this first dabble into dating and a new relationship will not end well.

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