Dịch vụ sửa chữa nhà tắm giá rẻ tại Hà Nội

nên tự làm, chỉ mất phí nguyên liệu (là rẻ nhất), và còn khoe với bạn bè về "tay nghề" của mình nữa :)
Dear Dan,

I recently decided to remodel my bathroom (nhà vệ sinh, nhà tắm) myself (tự làm) instead of hiring a contractor (nhà thầu) to do it, which would have cost $65,000. I did it myself for $25,000 in materials and some hired help. It took up my weekends for nine months (mất trọn các ngày cuối tuần trong 9 tháng), time that I otherwise would have spent in advancing my career. I enjoy the hands-on work, but would I have been better off focusing on my job (tập trung công việc) and trying to earn more money (kiếm thêm tiền)? Was the bathroom worth it?


While it’s certainly more time-efficient (hiệu quả về thời gian) to hire (thuê) a contractor, and you could have used the time to further your career, it sounds like you got a lot of satisfaction (thỏa mãn) out of remodeling the bathroom yourself. Several colleagues and I conducted research a few year ago on what we called the “Ikea effect.” (hiệu ứng Ikea) It turns out that when we assemble something ourselves, we end up taking a lot of pride in it, and for a long time. So I wouldn’t just think about money and time. Think also about the pleasure of inviting friends to your home, showing them your bathroom and taking pride in your craftsmanship (sự khéo tay, lành nghề/thạo nghề).

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