Journey in Life: Hoàn toàn hiểu được

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Hoàn toàn hiểu được

vị khách du lịch 'nhớ nhớ quên quên', không biết đường về ở nhà thờ Edinburg, Scotland thật ra là ông bố người Ý 4 con, giả vờ 'mất trí', 'đi lạc' để... thoát khỏi bà mẹ vợ suốt ngày càm ràm :D

-> nên dừng lại ở 3 con(?) :))

Salvatore Mannino, 52, was found in Edinburgh's St Giles Cathedral by police in a seemingly confused state and suffering from memory loss.

His disappearance from his native Pisa soon raised suspicion when concerned Italian police officers tracked his searches on his computer, which showed that he had looked up terms such as 'how to disappear (làm sao để biến mất)' and 'how to fake (giả vờ) memory loss (mất trí nhớ)'.

Yesterday the father-of-four was forced to drop his façade (vẻ ngoài/mặt nạ giả dối), admitting to British police: 'I did it to get away from my nagging mother-in-law.

'I never lost my memory. I wanted to show my family (cho gia đình thấy) I was important to them (tôi quan trọng như nào).

'I wanted to regain (lấy lại) my position (vị trí) as a husband and father (người chồng, người cha) as I felt my mother-in-law had taken that (mà mẹ vợ đã lấy mất) from me.'


  1. "My mother-in-law is spending a month with us for a couple of days."

  2. My son-in-law likes me so much he's sending me on a month long cruise next year! I don't really want to go on a cruise but he said I was going whether I liked it or not.

  3. He made a rookie mistake. Go to the public library for searches like that and sign in by 'fake name'