Journey in Life: Thợ chụp ảnh đám cưới bá đạo nhất năm 2018

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Thợ chụp ảnh đám cưới bá đạo nhất năm 2018

làm tình với khách dự tiệc tại khách sạn - nơi tổ chức đám cưới :D

Katherine Leigh Mehta, 26, has been charged with public intoxication (say) and obstruction/retaliation (trả thù, trả miếng).

Wedding guests allegedly found Mehta, who moonlights (làm đêm ngoài giờ) as a bikini model, having sex with a guest in a room at the Springs Event Venue in Weatherford on Saturday.

The wedding party informed an off-duty sheriff's deputy, who was working security for the ceremony, and Mehta was told her behavior was inappropriate (không thích hợp/phù hợp). 

Mehta, who works under the professional name Max McIntyre and said she was the second place finalist for this year's Maxim Cover Girl...


  1. "Hello, I'm interested in employing a wedding photographer and if possible would she be willing to have sex with a few, possibly me too, of the guests while on location?"

  2. This is a local story for me. From last night's news, the other side of the story told by her father is that the punch she was handed had alcohol in it, unbeknownst to her. (Since she is taking Xanax, she knows not to mix it with alcohol.) Her family said that she was approached by two men and the sex was not initiated by her. She does not remember any of her behavior.

    We'll have to see what comes out in the investigation and indictment.