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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

"Ceteris paribus" nghĩa là gì?

sẽ còn giảm sâu... Photo courtesy Richard Patterson.

'Ceteris paribus', trong phân tích kinh tế, nghĩa là 'tất cả những thứ khác bằng nhau' hoặc 'giữ các yếu tố khác không thay đổi' ("all other things being equal" or "other things held constant" or "all else unchanged".)

Ví dụ
In our sensitivity analysis, every US$5/bbl increase in crude oil prices would reduce our earnings forecast by 18.5% for FY18, ceteris paribus.

Most coins are in red again as the recovery momentum proved to be too weak to take prices above critical resistance levels. While no one knows for sure when this bear market hit the bottom, ceteris paribus, we will continue hitting new lows for the foreseeable future. Bitcoin is changing hands at $6,080, down 2.4% on daily basis.

Earnings of a company comprise equity and have a high holding cost. If there are no investment opportunities, why not pay higher dividends? In a ceteris paribus regulatory environment, corporates will retain just sufficient cash for their working capital and short-term investment requirements. Long-term investment capital will be raised when the requirement arises. The balance of earnings will be paid out as dividends, which can then be consumed or invested by the shareholder as he or she sees fit. But we tax companies at 28% of earnings and a further 20% on dividends paid. The incentive to hoard cash for unknown long-term investment requirements lies in the desire to avoid the dividend tax, despite the higher holding cost of equity capital.

Phạm Hạnh

Sự nghiệp làm cha

The nature of impending fatherhood is that you are doing something that you're unqualified to do, and then you become qualified while doing it.
~ John Green

Bản chất của việc làm cha sắp tới là bạn làm điều bạn không đủ tiêu chuẩn để làm, và rồi bạn đạt chuẩn trong quá trình thực hiện điều đó.

Photo courtesy Rodrigo Amorim.

Bài trước: Biết ra sao ngày sau


vợ bắn vào... tinh hoàn chồng khi chồng đến lấy điều hòa mang đi :D

Dunn's estranged (ly thân) husband said he came to her home -- with his brother -- to pick up the unit. He had discovered that she was attempting to sell it on Facebook.

The couple was going through a divorce (ly hôn).

When the man and his brother attempted to unhook the unit, Dunn sat on it to prevent the two men from taking it.

When the ex-husband approached, he tried to remove her from the AC unit, but Dunn produced a pink stun gun and attempted to electrocute (giết bằng cách sử dụng dòng điện) him. Dunn was struck in the head and dropped both the pink stun gun and a handgun.

Dunn reportedly got up off the ground and shot him in the testicles with the handgun. The man's brother pushed Dunn to the ground and attempted to help his brother and drove him to the hospital.

Bài trước: Chậm có thai vì sao?

Kinh nghiệm đưa trẻ đi Bảo tàng

chú ý quan sát con thật kỹ,

phụ huynh một bé ở kansas có thể phải đền 132.000 usd (hơn 3 tỷ đồng) vì bé làm vỡ đồ trưng bày

The child’s mother, Sarah Goodman, said the incident (việc bất ngờ xảy ra) happened during a wedding reception (lễ đón dâu) last month.

Surveillance video shows the child hug (ôm) the sculpture (bức tượng/tác phẩm điêu khắc), then seconds later, it fell.

“We heard a bunch of commotion (rung chuyển, chấn động, náo động) and I thought, 'Whose yelling at my son?'” Goodman explained. “This glass mosaic (tranh ghép mảnh) torso (tượng bán thân) is laying on the ground and someone is following me around demanding my personal information.”

Following the incident, Goodman and her husband received a letter from an insurance company (công ty bảo hiểm) saying they were negligent (cẩu thả, lơ đễnh) for not monitoring (giám sát) their children.

Bài trước: Mất trật tự

Nghệ thuật xây dựng quan hệ với sếp

cứ 10 người mỹ thì 1 người ngủ với sếp; 34% trong số đó nhằm được ưu ái và thăng tiến...

these risky respondents don’t always get away with it: Of those who’ve had sex at work, 1 in 5 have been caught in the act (19 percent, bị bắt quả tang).

Crushing (phải lòng) on co-workers (đồng nghiệp) is complicated (phức tạp), and it’s often a bad idea (ý tưởng tồi), but the results of the study unveiled many positives. An office romance can be great for company morale (tinh thần làm việc nơi công sở), as 92 percent of those who’ve had one reported that it made them more excited (phấn chấn tới sở làm) to come to work. It can also be great for business, with over half of those who’ve had an office romance saying it actually made them more productive (hiệu quả hơn trong công việc) at work.

...1 in 10 Americans have actually had sex with their boss. And cheekily ((một cách) láo xược, xấc xược), 34 percent of those who’ve gotten busy with their boss have done it to gain favor and climb the ladder at work.

... (một phút dành cho quảng cáo :) “For many, work is a very stressful environment and sex can be a great stress relief,” continued Petrenko. “While the idea of having sex at work is an enticing one, we at EdenFantasys recommend spicing things up with a good sex toy instead. There are many varieties of small and discreet products for such purposes. Don’t complicate your workplace — keep it safe for your professional growth.”

Ukraine: vùng đất lãng mạn

một đôi, chẳng màng cái chết rình rập,... làm tình trên nóc tòa nhà 4 tầng :)
Photo courtesy: from clip.

Some people get their kicks from risky sex but this randy couple have taken things to the next level. The pair were caught on camera dicing (chơi xúc xắc, đánh bạc) with death the sloped roof (mái nhà) of a four-storey building.

The young couple were filmed by an eyewitness (nhân chứng) with a smartphone on the roof of the building in the historic centre of the city of Lviv in western Ukraine. And the pair looked like they were in danger of toppling off and crashing down to the street below as they romped (nô đùa như trẻ con) close to the very edge (cạnh, rìa) of the roof.

...Lviv is the biggest city in western Ukraine and is regarded as one of the country's main cultural centres and a popular tourist destination. The historic city centre, which survived Soviet and German occupations during World War II largely unscathed (không bị tổn thương, không bị hại, vô sự), is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Bài trước: Ôtô giải khuây

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