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Sunday, September 30, 2018

"Time hangs heavy on hands" nghĩa là gì?

bị người yêu bỏ, thì đi ngắm nàng tiên cá cho khuây khỏa :) Photo courtesy Mike Baird.

'Time hangs heavy on someone's hands' nghĩa là (thời gian) kéo dài/trôi đi chậm chạp (time seems to go slowly when one has nothing to do).

Ví dụ
Books keep boredom (nỗi buồn tẻ, buồn chán; điều khó chịu) at bay and those who bury their nose in one never complain that time hangs heavy on their hands. Real godmothers should not have to wonder what to gift a child.

The fashionable cafe and bar district at Sea World, located opposite the Hilton and Bar Street, is only a few steps further, while the Mission Hills complex is just a few long golf drives away. If time hangs heavy on your hands by day, it’s good to know there’s also a cluster of local theme parks catering to all ages.

Immediately after the dumping, the sociologist Robert Weiss notes, people are in shock. For as long as two weeks, they’re also in denial. And then reality sets in. At this point, they find that time hangs heavy: many of life’s daily rituals have evaporated; they hardly know what to do with themselves. Moods swing relentlessly, encompassing protest, anger, panic, regret, self-doubt and consuming sadness. Some turn to alcohol or drugs; others rely on friends, therapists or self-help books.

Phạm Hạnh

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