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Friday, November 9, 2018

"Go home in a box" nghĩa là gì?

...sau một lần đã rong chơi trong cuộc đời này. Photo courtesy AMISOM Public Information.

'Go home in a box' = trở về trong chiếc quan tài -> nghĩa là chết ở nơi xa xôi, và được đưa quan tài về quê (to be shipped home dead); như người nói câu "Tau khỏe mà có chi mô" đó các bạn.

Ví dụ
I see so many of the people that I care for in prison have died, they go home in a box and it scares me.

"Simply give us room. We all have a family," said Allemen, "I am a mother of three boys and I want to go home to my kids alive, I don't want to go home in a box like that. They don't deserve that."

If you are a criminal… heading out on a day’s robbery and thievery, that person has to get it into their head that maybe one day they’ll go home in a box. And if that happens, I wouldn’t be sorry.

He said he warned them that to be safe the route would need to be cleared first, adding: "That was when I said 'if you want Ginger to go home in a box we'll just crack on, because that is what will happen if we don't go through the correct procedures first."

Phạm Hạnh

Đúng theo lý thuyết

cô dâu sắp cưới cho phù dâu uống sinh tố có chứa "bột nở" trong gần 1 tháng để họ 'xấu' hơn và mình sẽ là 'trung tâm sự chú ý trong ngày trọng đại'

EVERY bride should be the centre of attention on their big day. But one woman was so desperate for her bridesmaids not to steal her thunder that she took drastic (mạnh mẽ, quyết liệt) action.

...Determined to make her siblings look “as ordinary as possible” on her big day, Penny demanded the blonde, fair-skinned pair wore a “neon yellow that made them look washed out and slightly ill”.

...Penny told how every morning she insisted on making “special slimming” breakfast smoothies for everyone.

However, Penny would fill the weight loss shake container with a mega-weight gain (tăng cân nhanh) protein powder (bột) that she’d found in a body building shop (cửa hàng bán đồ tập thể hình).

Naturally by the time of the wedding, both sisters had noticed their thickening waistlines (vòng eo) and needed their dresses altered to accommodate (điều chỉnh cho khớp).

Bài trước: Có vẻ hợp lý

Thật vậy ư? Vì sao?

một phụ nữ nói 'cảm thấy không thoải mái vì có kẻ đột nhập, dùng phòng tắm của cô, ngồi trên sofa khỏa thân và xem phim sex'

Hannah Jones said she woke up about 6:20 a.m. Sunday to her two dogs barking (sủa) relentlessly (liên hồi, không ngừng) inside her apartment in the 6300 block of East Girard Avenue.

when she got up to investigate (xem xét), she found the dogs had corned a stranger, later identified as 32-year-old Dewayne Jordan, in her guest bedroom.

According to a probable cause statement, Jordan asked Jones to keep the dogs back and went into an unoccupied guest bedroom and closed the door.

When Jones heard the shower running, she left the apartment and called police. When officers arrived, Jones said they went into the apartment and saw Jordan sitting naked (khỏa thân) on her couch masturbating (thủ dâm) to pornography (phim khiêu dâm) on her TV.

police showed her a bag of women's underwear (đồ lót nữ) the burglar (kẻ đột nhập) had been carrying with him.

she plans to purchase a security system (hệ thống an ninh) to protect herself moving forward.

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