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Thursday, November 29, 2018

"In the blink of an eye" nghĩa là gì?

Don't blink. Blink, and you're dead. Photo courtesy stannate.

'In the blink of an eye' nghĩa là 'trong nháy mắt', rất nhanh.

Ví dụ
Singles' Day shoppers pay in the blink of an eye.

Image compression technology (công nghệ nén ảnh) to save power in the blink of an eye.

Neymar displayed pace, strength, vision and the ability to transition PSG from defence to attack in the blink of an eye.

Chopra is a style chameleon (tắc kè hoa, người thay đổi ý kiến hoặc cách ứng xử cho thích hợp với tình hình, kẻ hoạt đầu), who can switch effortlessly between Indian saris and Parisian haute couture (thời trang cao cấp) in the blink of an eye.

On a beautiful sunny day during the last week of September Andrew Hartle was enjoying some time at the beach in Puerto Rico while on a school trip. Andrew is a senior and the class president at The Burlington School in Burlington, NC and swims for STAR Aquatics in Greensboro, NC. While having fun with his classmates Andrew dove in the ocean and…….In the blink of an eye his life changed forever.

Phạm Hạnh

Mày râu nhẵn nhụi

'áo quần bảnh bao' -> khiến phụ nữ mê mẩn,

-> tầm bậy, đàn ông có râu mới hấp dẫn phụ nữ, khoa học đã chứng minh :)

The research, which was published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, saw 8,520 women asked to rate photographs of men with and without beards for their facial attractiveness (hấp dẫn nét mặt).

Each of the men was snapped (ảnh chụp nhanh) clean-shaven (cạo nhẵn thín), five days after shaving, 10 days after shaving and, finally, four weeks after shaving.

The women involved were randomly assigned (chọn ngẫu nhiên) to treatments wherein they rated faces for either attractiveness in general, attractiveness for a short‐term relationship or attractiveness for a long‐term relationship (quan hệ lâu dài).

Incredibly, every single woman surveyed as part of the study preferred the pictures of the men where they were sporting facial hair.

Heavy stubble (râu (tóc) mọc lởm chởm) came out on top, receiving the highest rating for general attractiveness.

Bài trước: Nổi lửa lên em

Đừng xấu hổ khi mắc bệnh vùng kín

ngại cởi quần trước mặt nữ bác sĩ, new zealand đã có phòng để kiểm tra ung thư tinh hoàn cho các bệnh nhân nam, một cách kín đáo :)

photo credit:

Ever thought of getting a health check (kiểm tra sức khỏe) but worried (lo lắng, e ngại) about having to, well, drop your pants (tụt quần)? Meet the Testimatic.

That's a booth to allow New Zealand men to have their testicles (tinh hoàn, hòn dái) checked without having to face a doctor (không phải nhìn mặt bác sĩ).

Testicular cancer is the number one cancer in young men in Western nations and the booth is being rolled out with fanfare at a big expo in Auckland.

How does it work? Into the booth, down with the pants and a doctor will check you anonymously (vô danh, ẩn danh) through a little hole (lỗ nhỏ).

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