"Blood sister" nghĩa là gì?

Chị chị em em. Photo by  Alicia Steels

"Blood sister" = Chị em máu mủ/chị em kết nghĩa -> Hai cô gái hoặc hai phụ nữ luôn dành sự trung thành hoặc gắn bó với nhau mặc dù không liên quan gì về ruột thịt. Con trai như vậy với nhau thì gọi là "Blood brother".

Ví dụ
“My blood sister lost her life Friday. I'm really hurt over this,” he said. “I'll never forget how you always stood up for me when we was little.”

"It doesn't have to be a blood sister. Our mom is an only child. But sisterhood, whether it's friends or colleagues, it's pretty cool," Jenna Bush Hager added.

They’re understanding, loving, and most importantly they actually care and would never hurt me. They love me and would do anything to keep me safe and happy. They’re there for me through everything. I have three siblings (anh, chị em ruột), my blood sister who went through the same thing as me, my brother who was also adopted (được nhận nuôi), and my baby sister who is my parents only biological (thuộc sinh học, gen) child. They also recently took in a boy who I consider my brother. Their hearts are made of gold. My dad works his life away to keep me and my siblings happy. My mom works and has never missed a sporting event or celebration for any of her children. They would do anything for us.

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