"Cold blood" nghĩa là gì?

Bia màu thu. Photo by Blake Guidry

"Cold blood" = Máu lạnh -> Bia (từ lóng). Các bạn đừng hiểu nhầm với cụm từ để chỉ ai đó độc ác hoặc vô nhân tính nhé.

Ví dụ
“We found some really good success with a cold blood that several years ago you wouldn't have thought would have had done as well as it has."

We are creeping into the darker, colder, less fun months of fall. Know what might warm your cold heart? One, or many, of the best fall beers available. There’s no bad time to drink cold beer, but fall might be one of the best times.

Wade is about to leave and she says she doesn't believe him, she says there is no light, they're just in the tunnel (đường hầm). She thinks he's just as crazy as the rest. He asks her to share when they meet on Tuesday and she says she's not coming back, but she asks him to follow her, and he does. They meet up at a bar and they talk about his job over some cold blood, he says they need him to determine truth.

Bin Kuan

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