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Sunday, January 13, 2019

"Take no notice of " nghĩa là gì?

nói 'ko để ý đến tỷ lệ ủng hộ' là nói dối đấy. Photo by Arnaud Jaegers on Unsplash.

'Take no notice of (something or someone)' nghĩa là không chú ý đến ai/điều gì, bỏ qua, phớt lờ, không để ý, không đếm xỉa đến, bất chấp.

Ví dụ
Fergal Keane: 'Take no notice of the patronising asides - we have moved on'.

A Blackpool heroin user has been warned he faces a jail term if he continues to take no notice of court orders.

And just as you would never believe a politician who says they take no notice of the polls, any top tier television personality who says they are unaware of their "numbers" is lying through their immaculately whitened teeth.

Here is a breakdown of five marketing myths that, if overheard in the office, you should take no notice of: “Good products don’t need publicity”, “I only need PR when I’m in trouble”, “Big placement sites no longer link and therefore there is no value to them”, “Only certain types of businesses can benefit from content marketing”, “You can’t truly be creative when working with a brand”.

Phạm Hạnh

"A (real) frog-choker" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Rémi Müller on Unsplash.

'A (real) frog-choker' nghĩa là mưa nặng hạt, mưa như trút nước.

Ví dụ
His church (nhà thờ) performs a mass baptism (lễ rửa tội), once in the spring and again in the fall. Prayers go out for good weather, but Sept. 18 brought a “real frog-choker,” as Mangum described the heavy rains.

The month had been ridiculously (buồn cười, lố bịch, lố lăng) wet. A real frog-choker, as they say around the Oso fire hall. By March 22, the sky already had dumped 17 inches on Circle B Ranch where Willy Harper works keeping things running.

How to Hunt The Rut When It's Rainy: Degree is important here. Bucks adore a light mist or drizzle, which reduces ambient (bao quanh, ở xung quanh) light, allows quiet walking, and makes them feel safe. Hunt your usual stands, and don't be afraid to sit near open cover that a normally light-shy buck would shun. If it's a real toad choker, stay home.

Today it rained so hard it would have choked a frog. Not a nice day to work in. Concrete work was out of the question. The crew arrived shivering (run bần bật) and damp (ẩm ướt) just from the walk from their cars to the site. I felt much the same. But the deadline is pressing and there is a great deal left to be done so it was a day to throw up some tarps and do work under the eaves as much as possible.

Phạm Hạnh

Không thể lơ là

from quang hải,

Định rình lúc cuối ngày để vượt qua ông bạn dịch giả chạy ảo @Sơn Phạm về tổng số km chạy được trong tháng tới thời điểm hiện tại vậy mà khi về nhà mở ứng dụng thì ông ấy vẫn cố vượt qua và nới rộng khoảng cách.

Công nhận là ảo mà anh ấy chơi chiến thuật kinh!

gần 4h chiều vẫn thấy ko có gì thay đổi, nhưng ko vì thế mà lơ là... :)

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