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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

"Flat on my back" nghĩa là gì?

Mai chủ nhật mẹ ơi!!! Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.
'Flat on my back' nghĩa là mệt lả, không thể dậy nổi (nằm bẹp dí). Cụm từ thường được sử dụng khi bị ốm hoặc bị thương. Ngoài ra nó cũng có thể hiểu theo nghĩa ẩn dụ là khó vực dậy. 

Ví dụ
Since several of my fraternity brothers (tình anh em, hội anh em; bằng hữu, huynh đệ) were big, tough types, I was pretty proud as I walked off the mat. Not only had I won a match for my brothers, I had somehow (to this day I have no idea how) put a hurting on my opponent (đối thủ). And it did not hurt that several pretty coeds (nữ sinh trong trường dành cho cả nam và nữ) were looking on. Yep, I was feeling pretty good about myself, until the adrenaline wore off (biến mất) and someone told me I had another match coming up. By then I was laying flat on my back, more physically exhausted (mệt rã rời) than I have ever been. In track, it’s mostly your legs and lungs (phổi) that suffer. In wrestling (đấu vật), it is every inch of your body.

Fatigue (sự mệt mỏi), restlessness (ít nghỉ ngơi), sweating (đổ mồ hôi), lack of concentration (sự tập trung), racing thoughts, or unwanted thoughts are considered common symptoms (triệu chứng) of anxiety (lo lắng). Attempting to change the stimulus (tác nhân kích thích) is something I prioritize (ưu tiên). So I get low, on the ground, cross legged or lying flat on my back. When I am stressed about something my goal would be to get grounded and come up with a plan. Making sure to get on the ground with anxiety gives me that symbolism (tượng trưng) and a starting point to lessen feelings of anxiety. This also helps blood to circulate to the brain and achieve a more calming feeling.

How I walked five miles a day at the winter meetings will forever remain a mystery (bí ẩn) to me. I knew something wasn’t right—and even skipped a meal—but didn’t call my doctor until I lay flat on my back, with zero energy and less appetite (thèm ăn), during Christmas week.

Bích Nhàn

Đề nghị có biện pháp để giảm tỷ lệ tội phạm

ok fine,

bang utah mỹ không còn coi 'ngoại tình' là tội :D

The Utah State Legislature is making sex outside of marriage legal.

In a bill cleaning up Utah's criminal code, lawmakers repealed (hủy bỏ, bãi bỏ) the misdemeanor (tội nhẹ, khinh tội) crime of fornication (gian dâm, thông dâm). The House passed Senate Bill 43 on a 41-32 vote. It previously passed the Utah State Senate and now goes to Governor Gary Herbert for his signature or veto (phủ quyết).

The legislature previously passed a bill removing adultery (ngoại tình, thông dâm) and sodomy (giao hợp với động vật) among consenting adults as crimes in Utah. Rep. Paul Ray, R-Clearfield, said court rulings have found the laws are unenforceable (không thể thi hành được, không thể đưa vào cuộc sống) and it was time to remove them from the books.

..."What is legally is often far below what is morally right," Rep. Stratton said. "And I recognize our laws are not strong enough to rule a immoral people."

Suy nghĩ trong anh

dù là tưởng tượng thôi nhưng anh cũng thấy vui rồi :)

gần 200 người theo chủ nghĩa tự nhiên tụ tập ở công viên giải trí để lập kỷ lục nhiều người khỏa thân nhất thế giới chơi đường trượt xoáy

A group of 195 British naturalists stripped down and headed to Blackpool Pleasure Beach amusement park in Blackpool on Saturday night as part of an annual naturists weekend in the city,

The cheeky event, which took participants for a ride on the park’s famous Grand National roller coaster, was organized by national U.K. organization British Naturism.

But the ride was not only open to society members — the public was also allowed to sign up for the unique trip if they were interested.

Chăm lo cho con

tạm gác công việc khi con còn nhỏ,

tuổi thơ của các con chỉ có một lần,

...If you have skills, commitment (tận tụy, tận tâm) and passion (đam mê), careers tend to take care of themselves. Over the long haul (về lâu về dài), it really doesn’t matter if you have a few years when your career is in canter (chạy nước kiệu) mode while you prioritise  (ưu tiên) young children. This should apply to men and women. I was watching some video of my kids when they were little last week and I realised, again, that the little people in that video don’t exist in that form anymore. They have grown into pride-worthy adults but the tiny people with wonder in their eyes were just passing through. If you miss that time meeting deadlines and finishing reports, you never get it back. Childhood is fleeting. When it is in its formative stages, you get one chance.

You can also miss the chance to learn. Children teach you a lot more than you teach them. They give you a second chance to see the world for the first time through their eyes. And you will be astounded what you miss in the clutter (lộn xộn, hỗn loạn) of life (bộn bề cuộc sống). Hold onto those times while you can. As the nun sang in The Sound of Music, you can’t keep a wave upon the sand. And you look kinda ridiculous trying.

Bài trước: Nơi em thuộc về

Nơi em thuộc về

dành thời gian, tự tìm hiểu và cố gắng trở thành một phần của tổ chức - nơi mình làm việc, các bạn nhé,

tổng thống kenedy đến thăm nasa và hỏi lao công quét dọn rằng công việc của anh là gì, trả lời: 'tôi phóng tên lửa lên mặt trăng'...

...I love the story of President J F Kennedy’s visit to NASA during which he asked a cleaner what his job was. The cleaner replied that he sent rockets to the moon. All of us should feel part of what our organisations actually do. We should take the time to be part of the big picture and always feel connected with the true objectives of our workplace. Don’t wait for someone to tell you or lament (kêu ca, than van) that internal communication (truyền thông nội bộ) is crap (như c**). Find out for yourself.

Bài trước: Mãi mãi tuổi 35

Mãi mãi tuổi 35

ở nơi làm việc, luôn hành xử như mình đang 35 tuổi, các bạn nhé

nếu còn trẻ, cố bù đắp kinh nghiệm, đừng như mới học việc,
nếu đã già, hãy giữ lửa nhiệt tình, sức trẻ,

...A recruiter gave me this advice some years ago. It is quite inspired. What she meant was, when you are young in the workplace, don’t act as a novice (người tập việc, người mới vào nghề, người chưa có kinh nghiệm). If you are smart and competent, step up and do whatever you are capable of doing in a mature way (một cách trưởng thành). Similarly, when you are an older worker, don’t act like it. Approach your day with youthful energy (năng lượng tuổi trẻ). To quote a famous Frank Sinatra song: “You’re 35 and it’s a very good year”.

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