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Friday, March 29, 2019

Hội thảo "Thư ký công ty - Bí quyết thành công của doanh nghiệp"

Bài trước: Diễn đàn doanh nghiệp phát triển bền vững Việt Nam 2017

"Head cook and bottle washer" nghĩa là gì?

like a boss Photo courtesy SplitShire on Pexels
'Head cook and bottle washer' = chief cook and bottle washer nghĩa là người đứng bếp kiêm người rửa cốc chén, ý chỉ một người chịu trách nhiệm/kiêm nhiệm từ việc nhỏ tới việc lớn (quản lý/giám sát).

Ví dụ
I should not leave the reader with the impression (ấn tượng) that working at MIC is an ideal situation. As “head cook and bottle washer” I am not privy to the day-to-day administrative and educational “issues” (reminds me of the: “I have a desert paradise to sell you in Florida…”); however my weekly get togethers with staff at the apartment complex cafe have shed some light on the trials and tribulations (khổ cực) at MIC.

So along with her role as head cook and bottle washer, she embarked (bắt tay vào) on establishing her business, Golden Closet Intimates and Body Boutique - a professional bra-fitting and lingerie (đồ vải) store.
"It was something that I am passionate (đam mê) about, and everything that comes about happens to me at some life-changing time in my life. While I was pregnant (mang thai) I could not find  brassieres (áo lót), it made me uncomfortable, and that's when I started looking into the whole lingerie and professional bra-fitting services," she said.

Talking about deja vu (ảo giác như đã từng thấy, từng trải qua trong trí nhớ), the evening was made possible by Deja-Vu Theatre Productions a multicultural (đa văn hóa) theatre group out of Florida, whose founder and president Sharon Cummings was creator, director, producer, head cook and bottle washer, and has been doing it as a labour of love for 16 years now. I hope she gets sponsorship support to do it again next year.

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