"Come to a bad end" nghĩa là gì?

Mẹ ơi, đừng bỏ con! Photo by Kelly Sikkema

"Come to a bad end" -> nghĩa là kết thúc thảm hại; thất bại nặng, kết cục thê thảm.

Ví dụ
A kitten is sniffing (khụt khịt, sổ mũi) a flower in a blue vase (the flower is in the vase, not the kitten) and you just know that vase is about to come to a bad end.

In Elizabeth is Missing, Jackson played Maud, an eighty-something who is being lost to Alzheimer’s. Maud fears her friend Elizabeth might have come to a bad end. As she tries to raise the alarm, Maud’s mind is drawn back to a previous missing person, her beloved sister Sukey. One way or another she means to find answers, though to which mystery we do not know.

Geopolitically (xét về mặt khoa địa chính trị), there were hot spots and crises across the globe for much of 2019. In Q4, all this was happening: the on-going freedom protests in Hong Kong, which still seems likely to come to a bad end; the new fighting in Syria and Iraq as the Turks move in as the US moves out; Iran apparently sending drone aircraft against Saudi oil tankers; violence in the Catalonia area with protestors again seeking independence from Spain; violent protests in Chile from protestors against income inequality, triggered by a subway fare hike; the never ending Brexit process; China-US trade wars; continued significant tensions with China over control of the South China sea; other protests in India, Lebanon and more.

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