"Come to a close" nghĩa là gì?

Hoa nào rồi cũng chóng tàn. Photo by Natalia Luchanko

"Come to a close" -> nghĩa là kết thúc, chấm dứt một quá trình/thực hiện một công việc.

Ví dụ
Xavi will be the next manager of Barcelona, sources have confirmed to Goal, with Ernesto Valverde’s tenure (sự nắm giữ, chiếm hữu) at Camp Nou set to come to a close at the end of the season.

The fallout (bụi phóng xạ, điều không mong muốn) continues from the Minnesota Vikings' playoff loss to the San Francisco 49ers on Saturday and less than 24 hours after seeing their season come to a close, Kevin Stefanski has been chosen as the next head coach of the Cleveland Browns, according to NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport.

As the 2010s come to a close, the "Decade in Review" series will seek to single out the 10 best films from the 10 biggest genres. Perhaps no trend in the film industry was as visceral (nội tạng, theo bản năng) and as encompassing (bao quanh) in the 2010s as the growth of superhero films, which have cemented (gắn kết) themselves as pop culture phenomena, holding 11 spots on the list of the 25 highest grossing films (phim có doanh thu cao nhất) of the decade. Still, it’s hard to define a genre that’s growing exponentially in all directions. Here is an attempt to dissect the very best of what the decade had to offer.

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