"Big white chief" nghĩa là gì?

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"Big white chief" nghĩa là người (da trắng) quan trọng, người thành công, có ảnh hưởng. Tương tự "great white chief".

Ví dụ
Boris Johnson has displayed repulsive (hiềm kỵ) views on Africa. He has been racist, with a column referring to “tribal warriors” breaking out in “watermelon smiles” to see “the big white chief” Tony Blair.

For instance, several years ago I found myself saying to a black youth leader, 'John, you're the big white chief around here, what's happening...?' Fortunately for me, he laughed and said, 'You colour blind or something?'

That night the Council of Chiefs decided to move the Lower Agency villages of Little Crow, Chaska and Big Eagle farther north and west away from the Minnesota River. Little Crow knew that the big white chief Sibley would leave the fort (pháo đài, vị trí phòng thủ) on the river and bring his army to exact revenge on the Dakota.

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