"Fancy that" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Krystian Maliszewski from Pexels 

"Fancy that!" hoặc "just fancy" = quái lạ thật -> nghĩa là biểu thị sự ngạc nhiên. 

Ví dụ 
Someone been shooting rubbish here, just fancy that! 

Just fancy! I could hold up my hands and one could play a tune on the piano by looking at them. 

While a vast number are enjoying the blue skies and chance to spend time with families, their rivals are generating revenue (doanh thu) that avoids future debt and pays for gas, electricity, rent, hire purchase agreements and more. Some are even managing to pay themselves a wage: fancy that. 

Just fancy! He is only nine-and-twenty, and he has an immense lunatic asylum (nhà thương điên to rộng) all under his own care. Mr Holmwood introduced him to me, and he called here to see us, and often comes now. I think he is one of the most resolute (kiên quyết) men I ever saw, and yet the most calm. 

Thu Phương

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