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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Tất niên cùng Bếp Hồng chào đón năm mới 2021

nhậu tại gia mà không lo về giá...

Bài trước: Hàng quán đóng cửa phòng dịch Covid-19

"Buy the farm" nghĩa là gì?

Photo courrtesy: ƒr㋡ηk vᗩη Doηgeη

"Buy the farm" = mua trang trại -> nghĩa là qua đời. Cụm từ này có nhiều xuất xứ nhưng một nguồn thể hiện rõ nhất là khi một người đã hoàn thành nghĩa vụ thì họ sẽ về nhà và mua một trang trại để nghỉ ngơi.

Ví dụ
If this alien ever squared off (tấn công) against pop culture's most iconic action heroes, it would be a sight for the ages. However, which ones would win, and which would buy the farm? Here are five action heroes that could win the day, and five that are simply too outclassed to take the creature on.

For now, let's just say that long before Thanos (Josh Brolin) snapped superheroes dead in Avengers: Infinity War, and even more crime-fighters bought the farm, to so speak, in Avengers: Endgame, good guys such as The Avengers: Age of Ultron's Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) were being offed as if they were easily dismissed bad guys. The MCU landscape is brutal -- and we have the stats to back up that claim.

Yeah when I get to heaven
I'm gonna take that wristwatch off my arm
What are you gonna do with time
After you've bought the farm?
(Bài hát When I Get to Heaven - John Prine)

Ngân Nguyễn

Bài trước: "Throw him to the wolves" nghĩa là gì?

Oải rồi

china sẽ dừng sáng kiến 'nhất đới nhất lộ' (một vành đai, một con đường), 

dư nợ nước ngoài của 2 ngân hàng lớn nhất china đã giảm mạnh sau một thập kỷ tăng trưởng tham vọng (định vượt ngân hàng thế giới), 2016 cho vay 75 tỷ usd, năm vừa rồi chỉ còn 4 tỷ usd...
China has drastically curtailed the overseas lending programme of its two largest policy banks, after nearly a decade of ambitious growth which at its peak rivalled that of the World Bank, new research indicates.

Lending by the China Development Bank and the Export-Import Bank of China collapsed from a peak of $75bn in 2016 to just $4bn last year, according to data compiled by researchers at Boston University and seen by the Financial Times.

Bài trước: Không biết điều

Tuyệt vời thương mại

nhờ có trao đổi mà triết gia và cửu vạn (có thể) có ích cho nhau, chứ không như chó khác loài...
… is from page 112 of University of Glasgow Senior Lecturer Craig Smith’s superb 2020 book, Adam Smith (footnote deleted):

What [Adam] Smith also wants to point out is that the differences between humans, unlike the differences between breeds of dogs, can be brought into a ‘common stock’ through co-operation. Philosophers and street porters can be useful to each other in a way that greyhounds and mastiffs cannot be. This is only possible through trade.

DBx: Trade is the great process for uniting humanity.

Bài trước: Ý gì đây?

"Recency bias" nghĩa là gì?

2020 là năm tệ nhất trong lịch sử rồi... Photo by Matthew Waring on Unsplash.

"Recency bias" = định kiến do những tác động gần đây -> nghĩa là xu hướng tin những chuyện thường xuất hiện gần đây có thể tiếp tục xuất hiện trong tương lai ngay cả khi về lâu dài thì không phải vậy.

Ví dụ
CBS Sports' Hey Nineteen power rankings is a weekly encapsulation (tóm lược, gói gọn) of the 19 hottest and most successful teams in college basketball as of late, combining team quality with win quality and leaving no shame for recency bias while rewarding significant winning streaks. 

But even then, as much as I'm happy for Ronaldo to take home the top prize, there seems to be an overall recency bias because it's scandalous to see so many older legends get so few votes.

What 2020 had was the COVID-19 pandemic and its extensive and comprehensive disruption of communities and commerce and an extraordinarily divisive presidential election. Perhaps it’s recency bias, but it feels like 2020, even without a war, belongs in consideration for worst year ever. There is also the fact that 1918 and 1968 lacked the internet and social media, which seems to create the potential for a 24/7 pummeling of bad news. So, perhaps it wasn’t the worst year ever, but just felt like it.

Phạm Hạnh

"Strike up the band" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Hans Vivek on Unsplash

"Strike up the band" -> nghĩa là bắt đầu biểu diễn (ban nhạc). 

Ví dụ
Musically inclined (có xu hướng) students at Jack Kemp Community School will still get a chance to strike up the band for a concert this sememster.

However, with the pandemic he wasn't able to strike up the band this year "for a good long time." Better weather meant the band did have a livestreamed Wednesday series at SAC Park in Shrewsbury. "We  could spread out over their pavilion (sảnh đường). It's just so great  to be able to play at all."

Anniversaries and birthdays are opportunities for reflection, but how much do they really mean? Stick around long enough, and they happen. That said, every once in a while, you hit a milestone (dấu mốc) so monumental (vĩ đại) you have to strike up the band. This year, that was very literally the case.

It's July 4 so let's strike up the band for American designs. Kya deLongchamps strikes up the band for some lesser copied American mid-century talent.

Ngọc Lân

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