"Representative bias" nghĩa là gì?

không xứng đáng làm đại diện... Photo by Kyle Ryan on Unsplash.

'Representative bias' = lệch lạc tâm lý do tính đại diện -> nghĩa là xu hướng không quan tâm nhiều đến những nhân tố dài hạn mà thường quan tâm đến những tình huống điển hình ngắn hạn; thiên lệch do tình huống điển hình.

Ví dụ
Investors succumb to (ngừng kháng cự, ngừng chống lại (sự cám dỗ, bệnh tật, cuộc tiến công..); thua, không chịu nổi, không chống nổi; chết) ‘representative bias’ when they arrive at a conclusion based on what they believe the facts suggest or represent, rather than investigating deeper. For instance, you may want to invest in a particular company’s shares because you believe from its marketing pitch that it is an ethical company rather than actually researching its ethics. Just because a company markets itself as ethical and possibly sells higher quality products, it is not to say that buying shares in the company is a sound investment decision.

Male-dominated industries, such as tech, finance and engineering, tend to keep hiring the same types of employees and promoting the same types of workers due to their preference for applicants who match the stereotype of who belongs in these roles – a phenomenon known as representative bias. This perpetuates the status quo that keeps men in prime positions and prevents women and underrepresented minorities from gaining a foothold.

They can fall back on representative bias, where they are influenced by what is "typically" true. In doing so, they can fail to consider other possibilities that contradict their mental templates of an illness. When people are confronted with uncertainty – the situation of every doctor attempting to diagnose a patient – they are susceptible to (nhạy cảm; dễ xúc cảm; dễ bị ảnh hưởng bởi tình cảm) unconscious (làm hoặc nói... không có ý định hoặc không có ý thức; không tự giác; vô tình) emotions and personal biases.

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