“Ostrich effect” nghĩa là gì?

“Ostrich effect” = hiệu ứng đà điểu (vùi đầu trong cát khi đối mặt với nguy hiểm) -> nghĩa là xu hướng cố tình bỏ qua tình huống nguy hiểm hoặc rủi ro khi phải đối mặt với nó. 

Ví dụ
That’s what progressive (tiến bộ) organizations are going to need to do is think about who owns that and who is keeping track of these outcomes to ensure that, as an example, working mothers aren’t left behind in a wake of remote work. Organizations that play the ostrich effect and bury their heads in the sand are going to have a rude awakening, especially when more organizations are hiring and trained to hire remote workers.

Once again, Marin IJ political columnist (chuyên mục) Dick Spotswood has it right about the “ostrich effect” and what happens when local governments choose to ignore history and fail to prepare for high-impact natural disasters. A case in point is Marin County and cities recklessly (liều lĩnh) adopting state officials’ “build at any cost” strategy. I believe officials are planning as much dense housing as they can on any piece of available property — including steep hillsides, fire hazard areas, flood zones and sinking landfill.

The Ostrich Effect can also be a learned behavior — especially if this is the way your family handled money. “We often grow up being afraid of money because it was never talked about, or our parents were afraid of money,” Grant Sabatier, author of Financial Freedom and creator of Millennial Money, tells Thrive. “So we ignore it because it makes us feel bad, until it reaches crisis level when our home is being foreclosed (tịch thu) on, or property taken away, or our electricity is cut off. We put it off until it threatens our survival and comfort, because it’s uncomfortable.”

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