"Dark store" nghĩa là gì?

"Dark store" -> nghĩa là cửa hàng lớn nhưng chỉ bán online chứ không đón khách trực tiếp.

Ví dụ
But with aggressive competition, high cash burn and economic turmoil, how will the speedy grocery (tạp hóa) and dark store markets fare?

But despite high customer demand (yêu cầu), generating more than $9.2bn revenue in Europe, dark stores burn a lot of cash. According to Farr, a typical dark store operating in the ultra fast delivery space will need to work to 400 orders a day to break even. 

Items get picked up and packed in the blink of an eye in this new-age version of the kirana store, called a “dark store” as it only serves online customers. There’s sound method to this breathless pace (tốc độ).

And it’s not New York where there’s pushback. In Amsterdam, where there are 31 dark stores, citizens have started to launch petitions (kiến nghị) against the dark store networks and to track their behavior on Instagram.

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