"Fart in a windstorm" nghĩa là gì?

"Fart in a windstorm" = đánh rắm trong cơn bão -> nghĩa là điều tầm thường, không đáng kể, thoáng qua, phù du.

Ví dụ
I acknowledge this is not a great sacrifice (hi sinh), and will have no more effect than a fart in a windstorm, but I am not renewing my Russian book contracts.

While some of those bands had the benefit of hype-generating reunions (tái hội ngộ) after long break-ups, some didn’t, and plenty of reunited bands are met with the collective applause equivalent to a fart in a windstorm (see: Snot, Sanctuary).

Your opinion (quan điểm) and a fart in a windstorm have a lot incommon (điểm chung).

It doesn’t matter a fart in a windstorm what you used to fly- only how you perform NOW. Sure, the FO crashed the 767 and murdered his fellow crew but it could just as easily have been an ex blue-suiter…

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