"Opposites attract" nghĩa là gì?

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"Opposites attract" -> nghĩa là những người đối lập nhau thường dễ thu hút nhau hơn.

Ví dụ
Television shows, movies and mainstream media often tells us that opposites attract when it comes to love relationships.

They say 'opposites attract' - but sometimes two people can be far too different to actually work out. One person was left in a predicament (tình huống khó xử) after the man they are dating banned their dog from visiting his home.

Bros continues to look very funny, and who doesn’t like an opposites attract romance (mối quan hệ tình cảm), but I realized while watching Fire Island that great rom-coms are about more than just the chemistry of the leading couple, they’re also about the chemistry of the ensemble.

Every magnet (nam châm) has a north and a south pole. Two like poles will repel (đẩy xa) each other but opposites attract. People say that two seemingly opposite people get along well together because “opposites attract”. While this principle is evident in science, it does not always apply in human relationships.

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