"Suck a big one" nghĩa là gì?

"Suck a big one" -> nghĩa là tệ hại, chất lượng thấp, kém.

Ví dụ
While it sucks that weapons broke so easily in Breath of the Wild, and that your inventory space was extremely limited (có hạn), and that rain could suck a big one, we all got over it because of the memes and crazy fan art.

Yes, the laws suck a big one. And yes, they've killed a large slice of Sydney nightlife and late night culture (văn hóa). But the laws aren't going to change in a hurry, so maybe we'll have to.

I know most people will pick the lightweight title fight at UFC 262 and that’s fine but I’m still not over the absurdity (điều vô lý) of that fight being for the belt when the winner quite possibly won’t even be a top-five lightweight in the world. Plus, if Michael Chandler wins that’s gonna suck a big one.

Fifty degrees and misty (sương mù) is very different from 80 degrees and pouring—and if you’re not dressed for it, it’s going to suck a big one.

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