"Sweeten the pill" nghĩa là gì?

"Sweeten the pill" = làm ngọt viên thuốc -> nghĩa là khiến điều xấu, không may trở nên dễ chịu hơn, bớt gay gắt.

Ví dụ
This is the “last wake-up call” they said, casting aside not only the diplomatic (khéo léo) niceties (chi tiết nhỏ) that the MEPs are not bound to, but also the efforts to hint and to sweeten the pill.

As opposed (đối lập) to most of our (Western) understanding of burnout and unhealthy office practices, there are virtually no attempts here — subtle or unsubtle — from employers to sweeten the pill for their staff in order to better fool them into believing that if they feel bad, it is probably their own fault.

French President Macron's plan to push the French to work until 65, up from a current retirement (nghỉ hưu) age of 62, proved too thorny (gai góc, hóc búa) for his first mandate, causing him to sweeten the pill to 64 years in a bid to get reelected.

The Chancellor has sought to sweeten the pill by also announcing (thông báo) a new 80% investment allowance within the new “levy” which will allow businesses will get a 91p in the pound saving for every £1 they invest in new output capacity.

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