"The Before Times" nghĩa là gì?

"The Before Times" = thời điểm Trước Kia -> nghĩa là giai đoạn trước khi thế giới bùng nổ đại dịch covid. 

Ví dụ
On top of that, this was my first trip back to Italy since the Before Times. In that now seemingly halcyon  (thanh bình, yên ả) era, I had the great fortune of travelling to Europe seven or eight or nine times a year for work, tasting the wines and spirits and exploring (khám phá) the restaurants and abusing my body with enough calories and cured meats to make even a gorging-before-hibernation bear recoil in horror.

It felt like a tableau (hoạt cảnh) from the Before Times—prior to the pandemic’s myriad disruptions to work, social life and San Francisco’s undisputed status as the epicenter of tech.

Some winemakers have reported shipping expenses (chi phí) of 10 to 11 times higher than in the Before Times. That cost is, in part, reflected on the price tag at the wine shop.

Think of now as the before times, the phoney (giả tạo) war, when everything was reasonably peaceful and you could go on Twitter without seeing a rider you hadn't heard of from Arkéa Samsic doing a dance. 

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